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about us

ride+workout is...

  • dedicated to inspiring, challenging and motivating individuals to become better versions of themselves.

  • providing efficient, effective, focused workouts for the body and soul.

  • about starting on time, ending on time and working hard in between.

  • about teaching others to feel their bodies and breath while letting go of their thoughts through consistent, continuous movement.

  • about creating an amazing community of individuals that seek joy and happiness through breath and movement.

our team


Jill Aron

Mix together energy, passion for life, positive attitude and determination and you’ve got Jill Aron!  An excellent and experienced runner, Jill found group cycling, TRX training and indoor rowing to be as intense and euphoric as her best road races.


Jill began her running career at age 11, competing through her college years at Kent State University. Since graduating, Jill has successfully competed in several marathons and half marathons.

Jill became a certified spinning instructor in January, 2008. Since then, Jill has become TRX and rowing certified. For Jill, all of these activities have proven to be a great addition to her fitness regimen - making her a stronger, more focused runner. Jill's energy and kindness is infectious - you'll leave her class a better, stronger individual!

Currently, Jill has a master’s degree in nutrition and dietetics from Case Western Reserve University. A busy person, Jill loves spending time with her friends and family when she has a free minute!


Ann Richards

​Ann is a multi-faceted member of ride + workout's instructor roster. She has been a fitness enthusiast for over 20 years, and has been a certified personal trainer for the past seven years. She enjoys working with a variety of people, whether in group settings or on a "one-on-one" basis. She is also an active participant and teacher in the practice of yoga.

​Ann is an instructor for both group cycling, strength and yoga classes, and she also offers personal training and life coaching services.

​Her kind and welcoming personality makes any participant feel at ease. Ann is also an actress - appearing in commercials and videos - and enjoys spending time with her three children.


Dana Anderson

Fitness has always been a big part of Dana's life! Dana has always loved team sports and sticking to a regular fitness regimen. She's enjoyed Ultimate Frisbee leagues, recreational rowing leagues and training for half-marathons. As an instructor, Dana wins at sharing her motivation for an active, healthy lifestyle with others. Join Dana in Row Sculpt or TRX classes.


Jeannie Malloy

Staying active and physically fit has always been a top priority for Jeannie. Raising three children with her husband and working full time as a teacher is challenging, demanding, and even chaotic at times, but this only motivates Jeannie to keep moving. She believes that exercise is a necessary ingredient of each day. It gives us power and strength - both mentally and physically. Giving time to herself and really pushing her hardest during workouts only allows Jeannie to continue giving back to others. Exercise is just as important as every other commitment and obligation. No excuses!

After participating in classes at the studio, Jeannie wanted to do more. She became certified in indoor cycling, indoor rowing and TRX training. She thoroughly enjoys teaching at ride + workout. Jeannie encourages her class participants to let go of tension and stress and use the time to really focus and turn inward. She motivates the class to accept challenges, push it, and go for it! She wants everyone to finish each class feeling better, stronger, more confident, and healthier - in mind and body. Jeannie believes physical activity is essential. It improves every aspect of our lives!


Amy Witzigreuter

Amy has been interested in nutrition and exercise since her high school days as a gymnast. She can't recall a time when she wasn't attending or teaching some type of class. In the "old" days it was about calories and it's about strength, courage and clarity.

Amy spent a decade focusing on running, and enjoyed the challenge and discipline of training for marathons. She tried Ann's cycling classes as a means of cross-training, never expecting to trade a run for a spin class. What a surprise! Hooked! She will admit it was not an easy transition. The distractions while running, like changing scenery, a new route or looking at her Garmin watch were gone. The shift in focus from a "finish line" to an internal sense of awareness and power has been moving for Amy.

Amy truly enjoys the energy of a group ride, and encourages everyone to push themselves to new levels. Whether you're new to the bike or a seasoned rider, you're welcome to come along for the ride!


Laura O'Brien

A California native (who loves northeast Ohio) and a graduate of UCLA, Laura has been a fitness enthusiast for over 25 years. Through exercise, Laura finds relief from the demands of raising three children, ages 19 to 15 years old. Laura finds that the studio offers a unique place where you can be yourself and give to yourself in an un-intimidating environment.

After several years of participating in the studio's classes, teaching classes has brought her fulfillment in knowing that she is helping people both physically and mentally. At the studio, Laura has met amazing individuals who have taught her many life lessons along the way. Laura enjoys working amongst a team of kind and committed teachers as well as dedicated clients.

Laura is TRX, group rowing, and group cycling certified.   She has been participating in group cycling classes for over 30 years. Laura realizes the importance of both cardio and strength classes in achieving overall health. She loves sharing her knowledge and inspiration with clients!  You may contact her at


Erin Hennessey

Erin's positive, uplifting energy will make your day!  Erin brings her experience as an elementary school teacher to her instructing skills on the bike.  When Erin's not in the classroom or teaching indoor cycling, she enjoys yoga, family and everything CLE!


Tom Einhouse

Tom brings a love of cycling, good music and a lifetime of challenging physical activity to his ride and his rowing classes. As an experienced distance rider, Tom weaves together the challenges and excitement of the road with the nuances found in every beat of the music.


Tom has been involved with group exercise activities for over 30 years. He brings a great appreciation for the energy and commitment needed to make a complete experience out of every ride. Preferring to drive rather than be the passenger, Tom has been Spin Certified for several years and looks forward to leading you on a great journey!


Katie McAdams

Katie came to ride+workout to take control of her life in a positive way. Through consistency and dedication to breath and movement, Katie completely changed her life!


Katie’s an enormous asset to the studio, the instructors and clients. Always with a smile, Katie assists others before, during and after class. 


Katie has a passion for staying active and busy! Enjoying regular workouts, keeping up with technology, dog walking, hiking and spending time with family and friends are always on her to-do list. 


Katie is happy to be part of the passionate team at ride+workout. She finds joy in encouraging others to experience the positivity of regular, consistent workouts. 

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