Active Isolated Stretching, developed by Aaron Mattes, is a precise method of lengthening tissue based on a 2 second hold per stretch.  By performing isolated, controlled repetitions and holding the end point of each stretch for 2 seconds, muscles and connective tissue will begin to respond immediately. When performed regularly, AIS heals chronically tight tissue gently and effectively.  

AIS is for all fitness levels and all ages.  It's truly the maintenance everybody needs.  Regular AIS practice enhances all daily activity, increases athletic performance and heals chronic pain!

Remember, all pain is caused by muscle and joint stiffness, tightness and weakness.  By gently, specifically and consistently reminding muscles, connective tissue, joints and your nervous system to activate, you begin the healing process.  

Ann Weixel has attended several AIS seminars lead by Aaron Mattes. Aaron's amazing success stories and knowledge have been life-changing for Ann.  Through regular AIS practice, Ann has healed her sciatica, chronic low back pain, high hamstring issues, tight hip flexors and tight shoulders.  It's Ann's mission to share the amazing benefits of AIS with others. 

 AIS provides body awareness and the tools to heal tight tissue. If you are ready to change, heal and move your life forward, join us for an AIS class!  Private stretching appointments are also available.  Email for more information.

AIS Classes at studio row: Monday and Wednesday @ 5:45PM; Saturday @ 8:50AM.  Ann also teaches AIS at Second Sole, Lakewood, the first Sunday of every month at 9:15AM.  During the colder months, additional AIS classes will be scheduled.