Change your life in less than 8 Minutes!

How can you change your life in less than 8 minutes a day?

Stretch your hamstring muscles thoroughly!

By giving your hamstrings daily attention, you can change your life. Chronically tight hamstrings affect the entire body.

Every activity, including sitting, tightens the hamstring muscles.

Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) is the best way to stretch chronically tight hamstrings. AIS offers 6 hamstring stretches for 3 hamstring muscles, specifically stretching the lower hamstring and the high hamstring. By specifically stretching the hamstring muscles with a 2 second hold per stretch, the muscles and connective respond immediately. From the first stretch to the last, the muscles lengthen and open, releasing chronic pain and encouraging better circulation.

In less than 8 minutes a day, you can open your hamstrings and feel years of tightness and chronic pain melt away.

Ride + workout offers AIS class 4 times per week. In every class we stretch our hamstrings! Come to learn the best way to stretch your hamstrings. It’s guaranteed you’ll move better than ever!

Back on Track!

As summer quickly fades away, it’s time to get back on track with routine.

At ride+workout, we believe in consistency. Keeping fit is a daily effort. It’s not easy, but the rewards are endless!

In returning to routine, establish what your optimal time of day is for exercising and do your best to stick with it. Your workout time of day should be non-negotiable. When you schedule your workout ahead of time, you are more likely to stick with it. When you workout in a group setting, you’ll work harder and others will hold you accountable.

Also, challenge yourself with new ways of moving. TRX classes are great for muscular strength and endurance, mobility and flexibility. Strength and core classes offer variety and a quick pace. Indoor cycling requires focus and drive. Rowing makes you powerful and strong. Active Isolated Stretching heals your body and allows you to move better than ever.

Check out our schedule. We’ve got variety, intensity and fun. You’ll get in, get out and be on with the rest of your busy day!


It's time to freshen up our space!  Sunday, March 18th and Monday, March 19th, all Studio Ride classes are cancelled due to interior painting. Studio Row classes will be in session with a few additional classes.  Studio ride will re-open Tuesday, March 20th at 5:15am.


Join Ann Weixel on Sunday, March 11 from 9:30-10:30 at Athleta, Crocker Park, for an hour of lower body AIS.  Following class, participants receive 25% off all purchases.  Bring your mat, cost is free!.