How can you change your life in less than 8 minutes a day?

Stretch your hamstring muscles thoroughly!

By giving your hamstrings daily attention, you can change your life. Chronically tight hamstrings affect the entire body.

Every activity, including sitting, tightens the hamstring muscles.

Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) is the best way to stretch chronically tight hamstrings. AIS offers 6 hamstring stretches for 3 hamstring muscles, specifically stretching the lower hamstring and the high hamstring. By specifically stretching the hamstring muscles with a 2 second hold per stretch, the muscles and connective respond immediately. From the first stretch to the last, the muscles lengthen and open, releasing chronic pain and encouraging better circulation.

In less than 8 minutes a day, you can open your hamstrings and feel years of tightness and chronic pain melt away.

Ride + workout offers AIS class 4 times per week. In every class we stretch our hamstrings! Come to learn the best way to stretch your hamstrings. It’s guaranteed you’ll move better than ever!