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class etiquette 

  • At Ride, Row and Workout LLC, we pride ourselves on starting on time, ending on time, and working hard in between.

  • The studio opens 15 minutes before class begins. 

  • Please register for class through our Mindbody reservation system.

  • Please thoroughly wipe down your equipment after class.

  • If you are sick, please stay home.

  • Please take all of your belongings with you after each class.  The studio is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

  • Cancellation Policy: When you register for a class, you are charged for the class.  Our cancellation window is 8 hours.  If you have an unlimited package, you will be charged an additional $10 no-show/late cancel fee. At class start time, any open spots will be given to stand-by clients (if you are late, you could lose your reservation). Canceling online is appreciated. 

  • ClassPass clients: ClassPass is a third party seller.  We do not early cancel ClassPass participants.  We are not in control of ClassPass' late fees.  We do not return ClassPass credits. 

  • Inclement weather policy: We do our best to always offer classes. If the weather is nasty, please check our online scheduler for any last-minute cancellations.

  • The moment class begins, please keep your focus on your workout. Courtesy makes everyone's workout more efficient and effective. Giving your cell phone a break for an hour is a good thing! Chatting with your neighbor? You must not be working hard enough.

  • The studio does not offer childcare. T-weens and young teenagers are welcome to workout with an adult. Older teens 16-19, join us anytime!

  • Please sign in at the front desk for all classes. If you have per-registered online, just initial by your name.

  • Wiping down your bike or water rower (including the mat, and surrounding floor) after your ride/row is mandatory and necessary!

  • All series packages expire six (6) months from the date of purchase (unless noted otherwise). No exceptions, no extensions. Series packages and monthly unlimited packages are non-transferable. Series packages may be shared among immediate family members (spouses, significant others, and children).  

  • It is worthwhile to be on a wait-list. The online reservation system will notify the next person on a wait-list via e-mail when a cancellation is made.

  • All of our bikes are equipped with SPD-compatible clips and cages. Changing pedals is prohibited.

  • In our classes, many bodies are working closely together. Clean workout clothes and extra deodorant are necessary! Heavy perfumes can be nauseating. Thank you!   

  • During wet, snowy, icy weather, please change into your workout shoes at the studio. PLEASE NO WET/SNOWY SHOES ON STUDIO FLOORS. Boot trays are available.

  • Questions? Please call or text 440-785-1589 or email

frequently asked questions

Are series packages and unlimited memberships valid at both studios? Yes.


Is registering online necessary? Yes. Please create an online profile before attending your first class. Online reservations also allow instructors to appropriately set up for classes.


What's the studio's cancellation policy?  When you register for a class, you are charged for the class.  Our cancellation window is 8 hours.  If you have an unlimited package, you will be charged an additional $10 no-show/late cancel fee.

ClassPass clients: ClassPass is a third-party seller.  We do not early cancel ClassPass participants.  We are not in control of ClassPass' late fees.  We do not return ClassPass credits. 

Can I ride if I am a beginner? Yes! Your instructor will remind you to pace yourself. With dedication and discipline, your strength and stamina will increase and the workout will improve every time.  First timer? Please arrive 10-15 minutes before class begins.


What is indoor group rowing and how will I benefit? Rowing is a strength-endurance sport. One of the few non-weight bearing, low-impact sports that exercise all of the major muscle groups, including quadriceps, latissimus dorsi, gluteals and core stabilizers. Rowing improves cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength. For runners and other endurance athletes, rowing enhances your training in an amazing way! It's a great calorie burn (500-750 calories per hour). 


What is a water rower? A water rower is an indoor rowing machine that catches with water rather than traditional rowers (ergs) that catch with air. It simulates the action of water rowing for the purpose of training. In addition to the high levels of fitness attained, rowing is an intense calorie-burning exercise. Although rowers with less ability and strength will burn fewer calories, the indoor rower is an excellent tool for use in a weight-loss program.


How do I register for my first class? Registering online is necessary. It saves time and guarantees your reservation for class. 


Are the regular strength and core classes appropriate for clients new to regular exercise? These classes move quickly and are intense. A better option is the RIDE+TRX, RIDE+STRENGTH. Once you feel you can properly hold a plank for 60 seconds and use the TRX, BOSU balance trainers, and discs proficiently, give the more challenging classes a try. Starting with an Active Isolated Stretch (AIS) class is a great introduction to regular exercise.


What is Active Isolated Stretching? AIS is a method of stretching that focuses on the science behind the stretch. After 2 seconds, your body signals a stretched muscle to contract. With AIS, Every stretch activates, isolates, and encourages tissues to lengthen with a maximum 2-second hold. AIS is the best maintenance a body can experience. When performed regularly, AIS encourages pain-free movement, better strength gains, and optimal range of motion. It's appropriate for all ages and levels of fitness.


How do I know where to go? Studio ride or studio row? Please go to our online scheduler. Next to each class name and the instructor's name is the room name - studio ride or studio row. The entrance to each studio is clearly marked as well. Studio ride (green entry door): All ride, TRX, strength, and core classes. Studio row (blue entry door): All row and AIS classes.


What should I wear to ride or row? Bike shorts, capris or leggings work well. Shirts or tank tops made of sweat-wicking material are a must. There's nothing more uncomfortable than a soaked, oversized cotton t-shirt. Baggy shorts are not ideal for rowing. They may catch on the monorail. For indoor cycling, athletic shoes are satisfactory, but cycling shoes are highly recommended. Try the classes before you buy the shoes. Regular athletic shoes are appropriate for rowing. Bring a water bottle and a towel.


Can my children wait for me while I workout? The studio does not offer childcare. Young children are not welcome at the studio during class time. Tweens and teens are welcomed with an adult. Older teens (16-19) can join us anytime! Recommended age for rowing/riding is 13. 


I've never used the TRX suspension training system before and it's a bit intimidating! No worries! If you'd like a short tutorial before or after class, just ask your instructor. Taking 5 minutes to get comfortable with adjusting the straps makes a huge difference. The Ride+TRX classes are a great way to begin using the TRX system. 


Do I really need strength/core training? Isn't cardio enough? With regular strength training, there's no better way to increase your lean body mass. Regular strength and core training is a must! Cardio is great, cardio and strength training is even better.


I already have a gym membership. Ride, Row and Workout, LLC (RRW) offers a different atmosphere than a gym. We provide inspiring, challenging workouts in a positive, inviting atmosphere. Many of our clients visit us 3 to 5 times per week - just enough to shake up their gym routine. Some clients like us so much, we see them daily. Most importantly, do what works best for your schedule and your body.


Questions? We can help! Please call or text 440-785-1589 or email Our goal is to have every client feel welcome and comfortable at the studio!

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