new to the studio?


Your first class at ride+workout is $10. It's best to purchase and reserve your first class online. We also accommodate drop-ins to any class (provided it's not already sold-out). Please arrive 10-15 minutes before class begins so that we can register you. Thank you!

In addition to your $10 first class, new clients can enjoy 30 days of unlimited classes for $99. This introductory package allows you 30 consecutive days to experience all of our offerings at studio ride and studio row. You may purchase this offer before or after class at the studio. This offer is non-refundable and non-transferable. Extensions and exceptions are not provided. This offer is not available for online purchase.

studio ride (green entry door)

All ride, TRX, strength and core classes

studio row (blue entry door)

All row and AIS classes

Ride + workout opens for class 15 minutes prior to the start of class. We offer classes 365 days per year.

new to exercise?  

Newcomers are welcome in any class, we just ask that you pace yourself and take breaks as needed. Remember, consistency is key! Set yourself up for success by not overdoing your workouts and allowing for modifications.  Row 45, ride 45 and AIS classes are ideal for newcomers.  Any of the ride combo classes allow you to do just enough strength or TRX without being overwhelmed.

used to regular workouts?  

Attend any class. We do recommend a Row 45 class if it's your first time on a rower. If TRX training is new for you, attending a Ride+TRX combo class is a nice starting point.

what to wear?  

Comfortable exercise clothing. Leggings, capris, shorts and moisture wicking tops are ideal. Our bikes are equipped with SPD clips and cages. Athletic shoes are appropriate for any row or stretch class. We do not rent cycling shoes.  Please bring your own towel.  

what to bring?  

Bring a water bottle, a towel and a desire to work hard! Our bikes are equipped with SPD clips and cages. Athletic shoes are appropriate in any row or stretch class. Water bottles and towels can be purchased at the studio.


Studio Ride does have one shower. Please provide your own towel, soap, etc.


On the street parking, the small lot adjacent to the studio and the large lot on the corner of Mathews and Detroit offer parking. The early morning classes can utilize Harry Buffalo's lot as well.