Cancellation Policy:  

If a class is full and you choose not to show, you will be charged for the class or a day will be deducted from your unlimited membership.  At class start time, any open spots will be given to stand-by clients (if you are late, you could lose your reservation).  

Questions? Please call or text 216-926-5182 or email

 Wet, slushy weather?  Please change into your athletic shoes when you arrive at the studio.

RIDE 45/60

Work yourself from the inside out. Breathe, focus, let go and push your limits. 42-55 minutes on the bike followed by just enough stretch and cool-down to pull yourself back together. You'll be out the door in 45 to 60 minutes. You can pace yourself by controlling the bike's resistance and your cadence.  Please bring a towel and a water bottle.  All bikes have SPD clips and cages. (Workout towels and water bottles sold at studio).


3 instructors; 30 minutes each.  Team Ride 90 is special enough that it's only offered 3-4 times per year.  Sign-up under the  "Special Events" tab. Please respect Team Ride 90's 24 hour cancellation policy. 


Are you new to TRX Suspension Training? This 60 minute class will give you the opportunity to learn the basics of TRX training so you can feel successful in any of our TRX, strength and core classes.  We want you to learn it and love it!  (TRX Basics is not a regularly scheduled class). January 14th and 28th at 4PM. 


Get comfortable on the bike and using the TRX suspension training system.  30 minutes on the bike followed by 30 minutes of basic TRX training to begin building muscular strength and endurance without being overwhelmed. This is a great class for newcomers.  Please bring a towel and a water bottle.  All bikes have SPD clips and cages. 

RIDE 45+SCULPT 15/30  

45 minutes to ride; 15-30 minutes to strength train. Just enough of each to keep your workout balanced.  

RIDE+AIS 60/75  

Cycling plus active isolated stretching makes you a better athlete! After 45 minutes on the bike, spend 15-30 minutes opening up your chest, hamstrings, glutes, hip flexors and quadriceps. You'll be out the door in 60-75 minutes. Bringing your own mat is recommended (we have extras); straps for stretching are provided. All bikes have SPD clips and cages.  Please bring a water bottle and a towel.

RIDE 45+TRX 15/30  

Complete your 45 minute ride and spend 15-30 minutes building muscular strength and endurance with TRX suspension training. A great, efficient and effective combo for everyone!

TRX 45/60  

Straight up TRX suspension training. Challenge your upper body, lower body and core for 45 or 60 minutes. New to TRX? Taking a TRX Basics class (offered during the colder months) or a Ride+TRX Basics class is recommended. 


Core class is functional and challenging. We move, we groove and we push for 55 minutes.  You'll be out the door in 60 minutes.  Medicine balls, discs, BOSU balance trainers, body bars, TRX, etc., are all fair game. Total focus is a must.  


Strength class is functional and challenging. It might be chest and triceps, it could be back and biceps. Maybe we do 100 or more push-ups and just as many lunges. Whatever the workout, it's never the same thing twice. If you are new to regular exercise, this class can be overwhelming.  We move at a steady pace with no rest between sets of exercises. You'll be out the door in 60 minutes.

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