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class descriptions

cancellation policy

If you choose not to show up for class or late cancel (8 hours before class), you will be charged for the class. 

  • If you have an unlimited package and you choose not to show up to class or late cancel, you will be charged a $10 fee. 

  • At class start time, any open spots will be given to stand-by clients (if you are late, you could lose your reservation).  

Questions? Please call or text 440-785-1589 or email

Wet, slushy weather? Please change into your athletic shoes when you arrive at the studio.

row 60

It's smooth and rhythmic, flowing and intense. Quite possibly, the perfect calorie burn! A power endurance workout, rowing utilizes 84% of your muscle mass. ROW 60 class is approximately 50 minutes of rowing, including pauses for water and stretching plus a cool down for recovery. You'll be out the door in 60 minutes. Bring a towel and water bottle. Wear athletic shoes, bike shorts, capris or leggings and a sweat-wicking shirt or tank. Wet, slushy weather? Please change into dry athletic shoes at the studio. Class structure and intensity varies with each instructor.   

row 45

Row 45 is a shorter version of our row 60 class.  Whether you are new to rowing or regular exercise, you'll practice proper rowing form while pushing through steady-state work and intervals. This class is a perfect length for beginners.  

row sculpt 60

5-10 minutes of rowing followed by 5-minute strength training intervals. Squats, lunges, push-ups, and planks are all game! A great head-to-toe, high-intensity, low-impact workout in 60 minutes. 

row HIIT 60  

Fast and furious intervals using water rowers, body bars, medicine balls, BOSU balance trainers, and your own body weight. You will love the intensity of this workout, and you'll be out the door in an hour. Attending a ROW Basics class is recommended before participating in ROW HIIT. Bring a towel and a water bottle. Wear athletic shoes, bike shorts, capris or leggings, and a sweat-wicking shirt or tank. Baggy shorts are not recommended.

active isolated stretch (ais) 60  

You've done it again!  Running, cycling, rowing lifting, and lunging. It's time to open up and lengthen, energize and repair. Anyone will benefit from AIS. This effective healing method is based upon a 2-second hold per stretch which allows blood flow, nutrients and oxygen to heal the tightest areas of your body. Results are immediate and when done consistently, your body will heal and function better than ever. Got pain? Come to AIS! Bringing your own mat is recommended.

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