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Let's give thanks - to our bodies!

It is officially Thanksgiving week! It is time for family gatherings, beautiful traditions, homemade meals, and much needed time off of work and school. It is also time for travel, running errands, preparing food, and accommodating others – their schedules, their needs, food allergies, special requests, you name it.

With the craziness, what will keep you on top of the Thanksgiving to-do list? Your body! Your legs will get you through errands. Your hands will prepare delicious foods. Your arms will hug loved ones. Your thumbs will Google recipes. Your mind will provide reminders. Your breath will keep you calm during chaos. Your muscles will pick up groceries and decorations. Your spine will provide good posture during meals. Your voice will carry conversations.

You can approach the holiday week by over-indulging, over-committing, over-doing – leaving you sluggish, tired, and frustrated. Or, you can handle the week with grace and ease – eating well, exercising often, and taking mindful breaks.

This is a time for reflection. Many friends and families take a moment to touch on gratitude and gratefulness before serving a meal. Common responses include “good health”, “family”, “God”, “having everyone together”, “a warm meal”. This Thanksgiving, take a moment to give thanks to your body. No matter where you are, your body is constantly working. Your heart, brain, lungs – they never take a break. These internal organs continuously strive to provide you with a quality life.

The best way to give thanks to your body is to take care of yourself! You may enjoy heavy meals accompanied with alcohol – but with portion control and care. As for movement, start your morning with a powerful workout. Rise before the sun to start your day with blood flow, deep breaths, mindfulness, and a mood-boost.

At Ride + Workout, we are here to help keep you moving. Our holiday schedule offers a variety of class options. On Wednesday, Nov. 21st – we are open from 5:15am to 8:00pm, offering 9 classes throughout the day. Thanksgiving Day, starting at 5:15am, we have TRX 45 – followed by: Ride 45 (x2), Strength 60, Row HIIT 60, Ride 45+Sculpt 30, and a TRX 45 at 11:30am.

The Friday after Thanksgiving, we begin at 7:15am with a Ride 60 class, followed by: Row 60, Ride 45, Active Isolated Stretch (AIS), TRX 45, and Ride 45+Sculpt 15.

We are open during the holidays for YOU – to help you stay consistent with your exercise routine. Take advantage of our schedule, and we encourage you to bring family members and/or friends to join.

This Thanksgiving Week, let’s take a moment to give gratitude to our hard-working bodies!


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