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What's Your Excuse?

Really, what’s your excuse? What’s holding you back?

What drives some people to treat a daily workout like brushing their teeth, while others give it every excuse in the world?

As a creative motivator of others, I think about this often. Why are some people so dedicated and so motivated, while others can’t stay consistent if their life depended on it? I have to remind myself that most people don’t get as excited about a workout as I do. For me, it’s been a daily habit since the age of 14. It’s simply something I need to do for myself and others everyday! Honestly, it’s not so much the workout part that I love (it’s so challenging), but the feeling of accomplishment when it’s over. That moment when you know you are done - cooked, fried and finished. No one can take that away from you. Your mood is naturally elevated and you feel good about yourself and the potential of the day (or evening).

Let’s use Monday mornings as an example. It’s the start of the conventional work week and energy is typically low. It’s never easy waking up at 4:15 am on a Monday. The thought of stepping into a challenging workout makes most people throw the covers over their head and fall back to sleep. For those of us that dare ourselves out of bed and into a workout, our day has begun with a bang. We are not easing into Monday, but jumping in headfirst and trusting our ability to stay focused and power through another challenging hour of breath and movement. It’s never easy, but Monday returns every week.

What drives you to jump into a workout? Or, what holds you back from establishing a regular routine? What’s your motivation? What keeps you coming back for more? Or, what’s your excuse? What’s keeping you from experiencing breath and movement, strength and power, an elevated mood a feeling of accomplishment?



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