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Welcome to our new website!

Updated: Dec 7, 2018

We are excited about our new website! It’s clean, easy to navigate and offers newcomers an honest representation of ride+workout. Our website is a newcomer's first experience at the studio!

At ride+workout, we believe that a great fitness routine needs variety and consistency. We encourage participants to breathe, move and create a strong mind-body connection during every class. Our studio classes include indoor cycling, indoor rowing, TRX, strength and core training and activated isolated stretching (AIS). If you are new to group exercise, we offer several basics classes that allow participants to get comfortable in a group setting, learn correct form and feel prepared before experiencing a more challenging workout. Come ride with us! Indoor cycling classes are high intensity and low impact. By controlling the bike’s resistance and your cadence, you can make the workout as challenging as you need it to be. Many of our cycling classes include a TRX, strength or stretching portion at the end of class.

You just need your body weight! TRX training utilizes ceiling mounted straps that challenge your balance, flexibility, mobility, muscular strength and muscular endurance. Classes range from 45 minutes to 60 minutes in length. Several of our cycling classes conclude with TRX training for a well-rounded workout.

Variety keeps strength and core training interesting and challenging! Our strength and core classes build muscular strength, muscular endurance and develop balance and coordination. Each class is different - utilizing dumbbells, body bars, BOSU trainers, TRX, medicine balls and gliding discs. It’s never the same workout twice!

Indoor rowing classes work 84% of your muscle mass! Rowing requires power, awareness and determination. Mistakenly thought of as an upper body workout, rowing requires 60% of your lower body, 20% of your core and 20% of your upper body. When performed with proper form, rowing proves to be one of the most challenging and most rewarding workouts. Our row basics classes offer newcomers a place to learn correct rowing form and the power behind the stroke.

Stretching is so important! Active Isolated Stretching Classes (AIS) are for all ages and all levels of fitness. AIS uses the science behind stretching by holding each stretch for a maximum of 2 seconds. By addressing chronically tight tissue, pain releases, circulation increases and you’ll move better than ever. When performed regularly, AIS truly heals your body and allows your regular workouts to be even more efficient and effective.

Ride+workout’s schedule offers a variety of options 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Class times begin as early as 5:15am weekdays and 6:30am weekends. Late afternoon/evening classes begin at 4:15pm or 4:30pm and continue through 8:30pm. Class length ranges from 45 to 75 minutes. Challenge yourself with new variety to your weekly fitness routine. It can be life changing!




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